About Us

About Us


The need to develop and support the handicraft community is necessary and immediate. It is essential for the development of the local communities at the grass - root level and for sustaining the dying crafts and traditions, which have been passed down generations.

Kopái – Paar was born from the seed of this thought and is driven by our love for the handcrafted. We believe that every contribution, no matter how small, helps and that supporting crafts, artisans and artists must be a conscious decision.

Within the heart of India, in its villages, the men and women create unique craft pieces using the naturally available resources around them. We work closely with the artisans to understand their techniques, and collaborate with them to add relevance to their designs and their craft. We believe in fair pricing for the artisans, and create an environment where the artisans and their craft is respected and celebrated.

The Kopái – Paar Way

Identify talented artisans


Collaborate on designs and create unique handcrafted pieces


Bring the handicrafts to the discerning customers


Help in sustaining the craft and the rural artisan communities

As we bring to you these beautiful hidden treasures from around India - we ask you to partner with us in our journey and share our love for the handcrafted.

Kopai is the name of the majestic river, which runs through the culturally vibrant district of Shantiniketan in India. It was here that the poet and author, Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, spent most of his creative years, penning timeless works that have inspired generations.

The Kopai river in Shantiniketan