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A celebration of indigenous Indian crafts -
Designed and curated exclusive pieces,
Sustainable, organic and environment friendly,
Individually handcrafted by gifted artisans.
Share the love and help in sustaining an artisan and his craft!

Customer Reviews

Kopai - Paar provides easy access to the marvellous handicrafts of India. They are responsive and helpful. Not just only in their products, I also get a sense of integrity in communicating with them. My thoughtfully and well-packaged textiles are beautiful and gives me much pleasure.
May-foon Sun
Melbourne, Australia
Kopai - Paar, great idea, great product, great service. Love the fabric, can barely feel the weight of it on myself. Surely visiting the e-store again.
Rachana Mehta
Pune, India
An eclectic and well sourced collection by someone with an eye for nuance and colour. The products are beautiful and each has such a lovely story. A one-stop shop for diverse Indian handmade collectibles.
Revathy Radhakrishnan- Chandele
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Fantastic initiative, well organized and with a great goal for all of the merchants who participate. Kudos to the organization for creating a fair market place for many people in need!
Hemley Gonzalez, Founder, Responsible Charity
Kolkata, India
A great initiative to make authentic hand-crafting traditions a part of our contemporary landscape. The items are exceptionally well-finished and detailed and it's always nice to know the story behind it as well as the creator.
Kavi Bhansali, Producer, Balcony TV
Delhi, India
Paddy Fields and Madur Kathi Weaves

When you travel into the interiors of West Bengal during the monsoons, you pass through the most stunning landscapes - vast expanses of green stretching out into the distance; pulsating with life, washed afresh in the abundant rains.


Beyond the River Kopai

“Beyond a distant river somewhere
On the edge of a thick forest somewhere…
You’re finding your way,” – Rabindranath Tagore

Our Day Out at the Craft Fair

Every winter sees the Surajkund grounds, nestled in the lap of the Aravalli hills in Faridabad India, transformed into a bubbling cauldron of festivity – with artisans, performers and people from all corners of India...

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